Saturday, July 01, 2006

Playing Catch-Up & Double Posting -

Things couldn't have been worse lately, what with my account being down for the entire week! Posts disappeared into the ether, uploads would'nt and didn't, and I've spent a lot more time than I really wanted to reopening this mirror site. To make matters worse, I can't have my own name the way I want it to appear over here. Anyway, my plan is to switch back here for good if things continue to be buggy at syracuseblog. For the moment, you'll be able to find posts here as well as at Mick Mather's ARTblog while I sort through a final decision that works for me. That said, below is an old image I've popped in while I test the waters. I may be doing a good bit of "mining" the digital archives here at HQ this month and I'll do my best to cross reference and link to alternate versions. F'rinstance, if you click here you'll find the original image that was posted at Illustration Friday almost a year ago.


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