Monday, December 25, 2006

Moody Monday: Re-Gifting -

"Ellie Re-gifts A Lump of Coal to Mick"
(photograph of Ellie by Ellie Harrison)
digital collage by Mick Mather
I've been spending a little bit of time over at Ellie Harrison's web site lately. Not since the heyday of the Dadaists has the concept of "my life is art" hit me over the head quite this hard. Without giving anything more away - we all need to do our own work, don't we? - this image, for the theme of re-gifting at Moody Monday, was suggested by one of Ellie's photographs. So, I sent an email to the very clever Ms. Harrison to discuss this post. Part of Ellie's affirmative response was, "the image that you have selected is actually a picture of me holding up the 'HI GEAR SCANNER MARK II PEDOMETER', which I used for my 'Daily Quantification Records' project." Jeepers, who couldn't love a gal who can make a tech gadget sound so cuddly, fetching and provocative? Ellie? Thanks a great big ol' bunch for the permission to for the rest of you? Find your way over to ELLIEHARRISON.COM and see for yourself!


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