Saturday, February 03, 2007

Sick as a dog? -

"Mr Existence Loses The Dog"
digital drawing by Mick Mather

The title of of tonight's post refers to the fact that I'm still darned sick...YES! Again! Anyway, while transferring some of my old work (stored on floppy disks) I happened upon a long forgotten series of digital works. The first, seen above, is a very simple drawing done in MS Paint on an ancient Windows 3.1 OS and was literally one of the first things that I accomplished in the mid-1990's. The drawing was soon turned into an artists' postage stamp, or artistamp as it's often referred to in the Eternal Network. Since I had always been interested in stamp collecting, creating my own commemoratives was a logical step for me and what you see above is, in philatelic circles, called a Maximum Post Card. I actually sent quite a number of these through the mail back then. Below is the block of all four digital drawings as they exist as artistamps:

Block-of-4 Artistamps
digital drawings by Mick Mather
A little close inspection will reveal that I was still working on my square smiley logo - affectionately known as the Cubic Rube - that grew out of a simple, self-imposed Y2K Design Project to take any popular icon from the 20th Century and then redesign it for the 21st Century. Over the years it's been simplified, refined and now does service as my digital signature; but, I digress. The other night I began working on a digital collage of a young woman walking her dog and, as the work progressed, the dog was edged out of the frame - lost! Light bulb moment and scramble, scramble to re-investigate these old pieces for tonight's post. So, a NEW series is born - would that be reborn do you think? - and I'm excited over the possibilities. Tomorrow night? Of course, I'll post the new piece...stay tuned.


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