Sunday, August 27, 2006

Inspiration Challenge: The World of Elegance -

"Two of Four Ain't Bad (Hinkley Elegance)"
digital collage by Mick Mather
Just as I was lamenting the end of my vacation, along came Odilia Liuzzi, fresh back from her own summer of down time. It's great to see Inspiration Challenge back and this week's theme gave me an opportunity to feature everyone's favorite look-a-like sisters, The Hinkley Triplets. As luck would have it, elegance has managed to reach all the way down to the farm where Darlene and Darline have managed to make quite the statement this summer at the annual "Cob Roast & Watermelon Crawl". Suffice it to say that the other two sisters, Darleen and Darlean, got tangled up with some especially potent melon and those rascally Bailey Boys, Bub and Bif. Yes, that means that we could've made the sight of our downhome girls a quatriple feast for the ol' eyes if all of 'em could've been coralled long enough. Anyway, don't these two look every bit o' the part? Sigh. :)


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