Sunday, November 19, 2006

As promised: The resized scan of the original with a bonus -

Left: "Ray Johnson's Bunny (Original Scan)"
digitally manipulated acrylic-on-newsprint by Mick Mather
Right: "Ray Johnson's Bunny #1"
digitally manipulated mixed media by Mick Mather
I mentioned last night that I'd put up the acrylic-on-newsprint piece, here titled "Ray Johnson's Bunny (Original Scan)". As I was getting it ready to upload I figured, what the hell, put up the first one along with it, here titled "Ray Johnson's Bunny #1". I may not be done with these either, come to that. I intend to give it a little distance and then come back to it - or not. Time will tell since I have one more of these acrylic-on-newsprint works to fiddle with.


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