Monday, March 01, 2010

A breathing, smoking thing -

"Powerless Before the Living Beast"
digital collage by Mick Mather
"... fire destroys that which feeds it ..."
- Simone Weil

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Blogger SusuPetal said...

I like that quote.

As usual, there's a lot going on in your image, I try to look behind the grey clouds.

4:48 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

Where there's smoke, there is fire.

5:15 AM  
Blogger hpy said...

OK, I'lll send some of our sunshine to Susu. But I'll keep some too. We need it after the latest storm. (Even though the storm didn't touch Normandy so badly than more southwards along the coast - at least 45 victims - it was wet and windy over the weekend and we need that sun.)
Your picture might have helped some of those who didn't have any electricity for long hours.

6:00 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

It was the least that I could do. :)

7:39 AM  
Blogger Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

This looks like a story starter to me. Nice.

9:56 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

Mary Stebbins Taitt:
A story starter? Hmmm ...

"... I didn't know the fire lookout personally; he kept to himself and went about his business. Neither did he own a vehicle. Like me, hard afoot was just fine. Also like me, he hunted and foraged for food, taking downed limbs, branches and brush for the hearth fire. So, the low rumbling sound of a large vehicle laboring up the old logging road was cause for diligence if not actual alarm. That changed quickly when a military vehicle loaded with soldiers came into view. It passed the dog and me, neatly concealed a few hundred yards from his cabin. I could hear the men boasting as they dismounted and made a quick search inside. A few minutes later they came back out. Laughing now, the cabin was engulfed in flame, licking at the base of the old wooden tower. Slowly, it blackened and started throwing off bilious clouds of smoke ..."

12:52 PM  
Blogger Lucky Dip Lisa said...

I can hear thecackle of the flame...brilliant story telling Mick! Interesting image too, I was thinking of some sort of Will Smith movie until I read the comments. Interesting diversion of my original thoughts!

12:07 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

Lucky Dip Lisa:
Hmmm, my character is more along the lines of Mel Gibson as The Driver in the post-apocalypse classic, "Road Warrior" crossed with the mountain man courage and sense of fair play portrayed by Robert Redford in another of my favorite movies, "Jeremiah Johnson". Anyway, more to come as the concept and plot is developed. :)

5:14 AM  

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