Sunday, July 01, 2007

An old monotype -

"The Trimmed Hedge"
monotype by Mick Mather

As a break from the constant experimental work with the new graphic software program I've been fiddling with, I went back through an old stack of monotype prints and scanned them for use here. For those who've never tried this method of printmaking, what you do is create a painting on a piece of glass, plastic or metal - in my case, one of those 3M Mylar transparency sheets that go through an office copier to make overhead projections of documents - then lay it to paper and burnish with a spoon, barren, fingers or the heel of your hand. In the end you've transferred the painting, resulting in a single print (hence the prefix "mono") on whatever paper you happen to be using. In tonight's post, I've used a rather thick and porous piece of handmade paper. Most artists use oil based printmaking inks or oil paint...I've spent years learning to use water media instead, a long, hard road to a successful print since so many of them are failures. I do like this one well enough to show, so, here 'tis, a break from my usual work.

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