Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday Challenge: Emotion -

"They Loved Jazz and Champagne"
photograph of a tempera-on-paper painting by Mick Mather
Emotion is this week's theme at Thursday Challenge. What you see here is a poor photographic documentation of this tempera-on-paper painting when it was last in an exhibition. The good news is that the piece was sold and now has a home with the way fabulous Kiki Lowe. In the end, my hope is that the even better news is that she had this re-matted and re-framed - if not, I'm afraid that the Urban Art Rangers may have a serious intervention to undertake!

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Blogger Trijnie said...

wished I could see it without glass, I think it is a wonderful work.

2:11 PM  
Blogger hpy said...

It makes me think of Chagall.

11:30 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

I went looking though the old documentation files to see if I might have a better look at this ... no luck. On the bright side, I got an email from Kiki who assured me it now lives in a proper frame. :)

Chagall? Really? Now that's a compliment that may keep me blushing (blush!) all day today! Thanks Hélene! :D

7:17 AM  
Blogger SusuPetal said...

HPY, is right! Chagall! Colours are just lovely.

9:43 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

I'm still blushing! (blush!) ... :)

12:49 PM  
Blogger Lisa Sarsfield said...

Yay, congrats on the sale! Always nice to get a little somthing in return for doing what we love!

12:28 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

lisa sarsfield:
Thanks, Lisa, and you're right about that. One of these days, I might even be able to quit my day job! :D

9:05 AM  

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