Monday, January 28, 2008

Moody Monday: Organized -

"Selfportrait of the Artist at an Organized Marquee"
digitally manipulated photograph by Mick Mather
As I've said now and again, it's always a treat to be able to work something new from The Selfportrait Series into one of my weekly meme sites. At Moody Monday this week, organized is the theme and there are more than a few references that apply beyond the arranged, organized letters on the marquee. Hang on, we're going to take a thrill ride on a series of non-sequiturs here. For example an arrangement of pyramid skylights for the underground parking garage and the total, combined effort of nations during World War II ... this photograph is of the War Memorial in Downtown Syracuse, New York. C'est la guerre, c'est la vie, c'est l'amour de liberté!

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Blogger SusuPetal said...

Oh, the entrance of the Louvre! A suitable place to have an exhibition.

But is this a joke...three pyramids while the Louvre has only one...three is so much more and better!

Oh, the artist himself peeks out to see where the eager spectators lure! Here I come, are you having the coctails ready -it's the grand opening!

(funny your work! it's 7 AM here and I'm in a good mood when I looked at this before going to work.)

9:04 PM  
Blogger Elina said...

Now I can see you. You have really odd place to be ;))

9:05 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

LOL - thanks for making the reference to the Louvre. The cocktails are certainly ready - one for each hand - and I'm waiting for you. I'm glad that this piece gave you a lift this morning. :)

Yes, LOL, it is an odd place. I meant my face to appear as a reflection. Instead, it does look like I'm inside that darned thing! :D

5:40 AM  
Blogger hpy said...

Putting yourself in that pyramid is a sign that you take yourself for Ramses or Thutmose, maybe Akhenaten!

7:54 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

LOL - we all dream of granduer once in a while. In real life, I have no such distinction of luxory or power. :D

8:53 AM  
Blogger hpy said...

Maybe it's still to come...

11:58 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

That may be true. :)

3:09 AM  

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