Monday, September 24, 2007

Moody Monday: Fragrant -

"Delightful and Fragrant Memories"
digitally manipulated photograph by Mick Mather
- original photograph by Mary Stebbins Taitt -

"She took a stroll down to the sea after leaving the Doctor's office. Hopeful and expectant months of questioned fertility had been rewarded. Fruitful, bumped, productive at last, she trod happily along the sandy path. All along the way every perfume - of the sea and of wildflowers, of the lilac and the fir - held back its own bouquet so that even the longing shadows could celebrate the fragrant news." - a flicktion by Mick Mather

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Blogger hpy said...


10:52 PM  
Blogger Elegia said...

The smell of woman. Is it Eternity or Escape... This is very very beautiful pic, Mick! Little sunshine.

11:02 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

The end of Summer, I think, but a new life beginning for her. :)

When you put it that way, I believe it must be both! Thanks for the positive comment and LOL at little sunshine ... even though it's late in the day, I don't suppose it's quite dark enough for Elegia, yet! :D

4:26 AM  
Blogger SusuPetal said...

Oh, this could be the prologue to a story and my fragrant is the epilogue. Who would write the story?

Beautiful picture, she looks so airy and full of love, happy and confident.

8:53 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

Now that's an idea! Perhaps we should write the story together? We trade paragraphs back and forth until it's done? Via email I should imagine as opposed to here.

Thanks very much, Susu, for the idea and these following comments (blush!). :)

10:11 AM  
Blogger SusuPetal said...

A picture book that should be, a story requires sooo many words:))

10:25 AM  
Blogger *Itkupilli* said...

Beguiling moment, lights and shadows playing beautifully...this is stunning.

10:51 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

LOL ... well, YOU brought it up. I do like the idea of a picture book so, how do you suggest we proceed with that?

With a great BIG blush I say thanks. You always tell me just the right thing, Kirsi! :)

1:11 PM  
Blogger SusuPetal said...

I have to give this a big thought, so it may take a while...

8:58 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

Yes, a lot of big thought. No hurry.

4:34 AM  

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