Sunday, January 27, 2008

When the passion's gone, then what?

"Life is Strange I"
digital collage & painting by Mick Mather
For a variety of reasons driven by any number of conditional circumstances, there are times when the wind just goes out of your sails. For the creative, artistically driven individual that suffers through such doldrums - just like everyone else by degrees - what is one to do? For me, you sit down with a blank canvas (a digital space in my world) and bring anything you can to that place and get to work. Tonight's post took the form of a handful of elements that were arranged as one might do with a traditional collage - albeit created digitally. With a few twists and turns to supply a digital background before moving to the secret array of filters and manipulating software, the end result was utter failure. Not a good thing to happen considering the mood and tenor of the times. It was a mess and I had nothing to lose by going one more step. So, taking a terrific tip from my very good friend, Mary Stebbins Taitt, I attempted my second "smudge painting" (you can see my first effort here - sorry I didn't mention this one earlier Mary). Using the smudge tool in one of my favorite photo editors. I began blending and softening and playing around until ... BAM! Here we go, here it is, this is what I'm talkin' about! As I sat with this, pondering, reviewing, touching up the final areas and looking at it again, all I could think of was an old album by The Doors, Strange Days. Yeah, strange.

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Blogger Mary Stebbins Taitt said...

LOL! It's very cool (and a little scary), Mick! I like it though, I'll have to go check out the other one!

The background is SWEET!

8:00 PM  
Blogger Lisa Sarsfield said...

I am a complete novice when it comes to digital work so I can only imagine the time you spent on this! I love the's so chocolatey and warm. I nearly missed the hand at the bottom but I am glad I didn't. It looks so smooth and soft. Smudged I guess! lol
I would love to use that background in one of my collages! Glad you got over the bump in the road.

Thanks for your fab comment on my blog re the tip ins! I always did wonder why they were called that and I've got a bit of a thing for history so I appreciated the info.
Back soon :)

8:27 PM  
Blogger Elina said...

It is weird, monster. But does he have a heart of gold... Very glassy pic. I wonder if he is weak inside.

9:36 PM  
Blogger hpy said...

But that is exactly SusuPetal as I remember her from our meeting!

(Hello Susu, how's your back?)

6:11 AM  
Blogger SusuPetal said...

Oh, I know that! Bad face day! A hundred times worse than bad hair day.

Smash all the mirrors!

7:14 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

mary stebbins taitt:
This is all YOUR fault, Mary! :D

lisa sarsfield
Oh how I long for the innocent days when, I too, was a novice and didn't yet understand what I couldn't do with the tools! Thanks very much for the comments and you certainly have permission to use the background of this piece or any part of any image that you may ever find useful on my artblog. Do let me know if ever you do ... I'll not only want to have a look, but would like to post it at one of my blogs too.

You're more than welcome as regards the info on what a tip in is. :)

It's so funny that you see a he in this image. It's actually 3 she's combined before I went after it all with the axe! :D

LMAO - but, lucky you! At least you've had the pleasure of meeting Susu. I only have my dreams. :)

ROFLMAO @ you! I suppose we all do have our bad face days too! :D

10:12 AM  
Blogger hpy said...

I find Susu lovely on this picture! Doesn't anybody else recognise her eye? (One of the four.)

7:41 AM  
Blogger Mick said...

Oh yes, I recognized them right away ... I just didn't mention it. :)

8:51 AM  
Blogger Janice said...

love the attitude she has... like ... you dont like my face...... ? whatcha gonna do about it!

Ive been in a health slump myself.. (my art unfortunately suffers) but to 'not' do anything... makes me mentally suffer.... I count 'downtimes' as mental development breaks.... I screw up so much... I end up learning a lot in the act of undoing my errors.... Guess it makes me slow down and understand the whys.... not just flowing with the feeling and instinct. !

6:25 PM  
Blogger Mick said...

I'm sure there are as many ways of defining and dealing with a slump as there are - hmmm, what's the word? - slumpers! Anyway, there can't be hills without valleys ... um, unless you're a flat earther, of course! :)

6:45 PM  

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